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Airport Business Park

Airport Business Park

Imagine aircraft landing and taking off just outside your office window.

Having front-door travel access to business opportunities across the nation.

The 400 acre Smyrna Airport Business Park is a well established, master planned development offering aviation sites with direct airfield access, corporate headquarter locations, commercial and industrial sites.

  • Located at the intersection of three major interstate routes, I-24, I-40, I-65
  • Located within 600 miles of 80% of the population of the United States
  • Attractive lease rates and terms
  • All utilities on site
  • High speed Internet options
  • Air charter service within walking distance
  • 8000 ft. and 5500 ft. runways
  • Complete Instrument Landing System
  • More than 60 acres of ramp space
  • Department of Public Safety offering police, fire, EMS services 24/7
  • New hangar construction opportunities
  • Excellent quality of life
  • Air traffic control tower services

Click here to download a pdf of the Airport Business Park's Development Standards

Steps to doing business with the Smyrna Airport Authority at the Airport Business Park:

  1. Schedule initial visit
  2. Obtain a copy of our property guidelines
  3. Connect with our businesses for firsthand information
  4. Forward a letter of interest to us
  5. Sit down with us to work out your lease
  6. Develop engineering and architectural design plans
  7. Provide plans for review
  8. Build it! Move into your new business home
  9. Enjoy ongoing tax incentives and convenient air travel all day every day

Click here to download a PDF of development map
Click here to download a PDF of the close-up   (Please Note: This is a large file and make take time to download)

The Airport Authority is now accepting proposals for lease space on the Airport.

For leasing information and development standards, contact Executive Director John Black at 615-459-2651.

Case Study: A recent client developed a short list of requirements for site selection criteria. Smyrna Airport is pleased to have met these qualifications.

  • Adequate runway for our primary target (business class jets) market. This means at least 8000 feet of runway.
  • The location must be central to the largest amount of our potential customers.
  • There must be adequate hangar and shop space either existent or available space to build.
  • The local economy should be aviation friendly and have adequate sources of available workforce.
  • The locale should also provide within a reasonable distance some source of attraction or activity that would serve to attract and occupy short turn around customers.
  • There should be a desire for an inter-working relationship with local colleges and technical schools to provide the brightest training environment for our employee professional development.

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